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15 Jan 2016 

There are some things here that need to be understood. Firstly, and what is most important, is that if we are going to be talking about working in any sort of job, than you need to understand how vitally important education is in this day and age. For me, I think that the most important thing is that you get paid more. Not everyone is an entrepreneur like me, and I think that it is important to note that if we are going to be speaking about things such as money,w e have to recognize that everyone is not working as hard as me, but has the luxury of controlling their own fate when it comes to money. Money is an important thing, and obviously I, just like every other business owner, am going to give those who are more qualified more money. For me, I think that is only fair because they have proven themselves and are more likely to make me more money in the end, so it is a valid trade off.

Classes like this are very important, especially for young people who want to be making more money at a young age. I think it is especially important as well for people who are working in the trades. Like if you want that next job, you better make sure your certifications are up to date! There are many other things that we also have to consider to be important when looking at when actually getting those certifications, and who is providing you with that training. Traditionalists would say that everything should be done in person , but we all know that is a silly proposition. Instead, what we should be doing is what is most convenient to get all of our safety training. So for me, for example, there are outlets such as which provide all sorts of great certification that are the most up to date and will help any Canadian.

I own a construction business. As I am also Canadian, and living in Canada, one thing that I am sure to do is ensure that I always have my employees up to date on everything that they need. For example, I always ensure that always the latest Ontario workers working at heights training information, it is important and helps them stay up to date. For me though, I think the most important thing is that we always are safe, as I do not want to pay for the law suits and I care about my employees.

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