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14 Dec 2014 

Airports are designed to look beautiful, to be soothing to harried travelers. Some brave souls push their luck with what they can get the hell out of an airport though. You see them sprawled uncomfortably over multiple chairs overnight at any airport when there's a rash of weather-related delays. With its shops, services and entertainment opportunities these days, any airport worth its salt tries to provide the complete experience. It's when people actually try to obtain the complete experience promised that they realize how woefully inadequate it is. No airport experience can be complete until they provide you a place to get some reliable shuteye. In some locations like Miami international, an airport hotel right inside the airport concourse can be a full-blown affair. But most people in the search for a place to rest in an airport are not really looking for luxury. What they're looking for is a quiet bed. And in this part of the hotel industry there is plenty that's brewing.

So far, if you're trying to search for a place to set your head at an aerodrome, resourcefulness (of the kind Tom Hanks shows in the movie Terminal) is your only ally-a little quiet cul-de-sac where you are left alone, the recliner at the spa. If you are prepared to pay a little bit though, a little 7' x 9' 'room' at a one of the new pod hotels by Yotel in airports in places like London and Amsterdam will set you back about $40 for a four-hour stay. For the money, you have a nice bed, a bathroom attached, WiFi, room service, and a flatscreen TV. In short, it's kind of luxurious and kind of affordable. The good news here is that they're looking to open plenty of pod hotels in the US. In the event you would like more related info relevant to this subject, take a look at even more.

Shuttle Services Available at every terminal, that service every 15 minutes and go around the airport and nearby hotels.


The idea isn't lost on other corporations interested in expanding their hotel interests either. Minute Suites is an airport hotel chain that's opened up in Atlanta international Airport about a year old. True to the name, they offer pricing for blocks of 15 minutes. Guests here get similar amenities as at the pod hotels, except that they need to go out to use the convenience. The reason they left the the bathroom out was, that once these amenities are provided, the law could call it a hotel. And then, there are extra taxes to pay. With these left out, Minute Suites is able to charge you more than $7.50 each quarter hour. They just do not want to call themselves an airport hotel even if they're one.

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04 Dec 2014 

Are you buried so deeply in debt that you cannot see the light towards the end of the tunnel? Are you so far behind on your car payment or your house payment that you are in the risk of losing them? If you're then now is the time that you should take action before they come and repossess your car or you move into foreclosure on your house, or even required to file for bankruptcy.

If you're overwhelmed with debt and have failed in negotiating with your creditors, it may be time to file for bankruptcy. Likewise, if your liabilities total more than your assets and merely servicing the debt takes all your resources, it's probably time to take drastic action. If your debts are endangering your IRA or any other retirement accounts, filing for bankruptcy may protect them. To learn so much more insightful info about view the full article, visit this link.

Credit card counseling debt consolidation non profit companies may be the path for you to pull yourself up outside of the crushing weight of your bills and be in a position to breathe freely again knowing you're taking steps to pay off your debts.

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In case you were wondering what these companies can do to help you I have provided a listing of all the advantages of using one. 1. They will help you to eliminate your credit card debt by as much as 70 %2. All the phone calls from collection agencies will cease. 3. Consolidate your bills into one low monthly payment. 4. Your interest charges will be instantly reduced as well as your total debt 5. Credit Counselors will work with your creditors to shoot down your payments. 6. You will not have to worry about making multiple payments anymore as the nonprofit debt consolidation company will make them for you. 7. You only have to get one payment to the credit agency and they'll make sure that anything is paid on time. 8. You will not be left in the shadows has each month you'll receive a return that includes Bill payment times and amounts. 9. You will still receive statements from your creditors. To learn more important information about crushing debt, take a look at this blog;

Normally the interest rates on credit cards vary between a range of 18 years and 24%. By making only the minimal payments you can be sure that you will be paying for them 30 years from now. When you capitalize on the services of a credit card counseling debt consolidation non profit company you'll be in a position to reduce your interest rate and eliminate late fees in some cases. Your creditors will get their money and you'll save or at least repair your credit rating. All of the parties involved win in this case, especially you, since your time spent in debt will be significantly reduced.

Realize that now, its no longer an unsecured debt! It's secured by a hard asset that can be foreclosed on if you do not pay. If you keep your credit cards open, will you be in the same position in a year, two years. Buried in credit card debt, unable to make the payment on your credit cards. And now, in addition, unable to make the extra payment on your home.

You need to keep in mind that, as with all things of such importance, you need to research the company whom you want to do business with thoroughly before you sign any form of agreement with them. There have been a number of these companies who've taken the money from clients and used it for their own designs, indicating that the monthly amount was a right for their involvement. Others have been late on payments and their clients have paid the price by having their credit destroyed.

You need to make sure what kind of fee they're going to charge and to what extent it is exactly. You need to make a point to say to the company that when they receive the money, it's like to be paid out to the creditors immediately. Consolidating your debts can be a real blessing but you need to make sure that what she wanted stated clearly and you gotta be sure what the company's methods of business are.

Being aware of the issues that many of these companies can cause is a significant part of the battle, and gives you an advantage over them. If you find a reputable credit card counseling debt reduction company, they can truly benefit you by helping you to restore your credit and helping you to have a hold of any other financial troubles you're experiencing.

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