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31 Oct 2014 

In 1968 I decided to get a college education after military service. I developed a plan to have a degree in engineering. The veteran's administration and family members provided some financial support. However, I needed access to student loans. I made proper use of the cognition of wisdom by resisting the need to borrow large amounts of money by signing up in a work and study program. This extended my time in college while working toward my degree. However, I knew that I would have a lower balance to repay. This was my first experience with College Payment Plans. I graduated with an Associates and Bachelor's degree. My knowledge of wisdom preserved me well and it only took me seven years to repay my loans.

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30 Oct 2014 

Stimulus Gone Bad' from the New York Times written by Paul Krugman, an extreme liberal. I was frustrated, disappointed and outraged from the ignorance from this writer. I am tired of ignorant individuals who constantly think they include the economic situations of every family in America.

A few entrepreneurs are ignorant. They are probably not fully aware of the advantages of having a business plan.


Entrepreneurs, more often than not, are in a rush to get their business started. Writing a business plan beforehand doesn't appeal to them because the entire process, according to them, isn't action oriented.

Heading Down The Writing A Financial Plan Rabbit Hole

Paul Krugman writes in his first paragraph' House Democrats and the White House have reached an understanding on an economic stimulus plan. Unfortunately, the plan-which basically consists of nothing but tax cuts and gives most of those tax cuts to people in fairly good financial shape-it's like a lemon'.

For me it isn't rocket science, it is common sense. Most families would benefit from the Bush 2008 stimulus plan. The stimulus plan would send checks of $600 to individuals making less than $75, 000 and $1200 to families making under $150, 000. The plan would also send up to $600 for families who didn't pay federal taxes but who had earned income of more than $3, 000.

In another failing paragrargh he writes 'the plan gives each worker making less than $75, 000 a $300 check, plus additional amounts to people who make enough to pay substantial sums in income tax. This ensures that most of the money would go to people who're doing O.K. Financially-which miss the whole point'. I am extremely disappointed that Paul Krugman thinks that most of these people are doing O.K. This plan would hit almost every average America family. This plan is intended to stimulate the economy. These are the people who'll help circulate the funds throughout America.

Krugman continues throughout his article writing how this plan will only benefit individuals who don't need it and money isn't going to families who need it. Are you kidding me? This plan will hit every average tax paying family in America. This family will assist all taxpayers who make up to $75, 000. This plan even gives to families who paid no taxes and earned only earned income. This plan is a winner and will help stimulate the economy.

As far as Krugman's concerns about the plan not hitting American's that really need it. Well his comments show his ignorance. He is talking about individuals on social security. Yes people on social security do need a stimulus plan; however, the bottom line is tax paying America's will become the individual's who stimulate the economy. In addition, we must remember, it's the government's job to perform duties based on what America needs to succeed.

Democrats and republicans need to cooperate in order to have a successful stimulus plan. If democrats or republicans stand in the form in which, making it harder for the stimulus package to be approved, it may be costly for them at the voting booths this year. Americans want this package and need this package, and they'll hold a grudge to any person who stands in the manner in which, including opinion writers.

If Krugman were smart, he would choose his words a bit more wisely because many democrats are also looking forward to having some extra cash to spend this year.

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26 Oct 2014 

Moving ahead, when you decide to go into the trucking industry, you have two options in hand. First, you can decide to run your own truck or second, you can be a contractor and hire truck drivers who've their own truck to work for you. As a fact, every business has its pros and cons and thus the 2 options mentioned will have the same. It is for you to perform a thorough analysis on the two and select the best, according to your convenience and benefits.

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05 Oct 2014 

You aren't alone when it is a question of student loan debt. With escalating college tuition student loan debt is becoming a reality for students everywhere. The average cost of tuition for 4-year colleges increased more than doubled over the last 30 years.

Adding up all the expenses you're responsible for can be demoralizing. There's tuition plus room and board which can total near $29, 026 per year for a private college and $12, 127 for a public 4-year university. Student loan debt help should become one of the required classes but since it's not luckily there are student loan debt management solutions that are now available. To see a related post; full story.

There are so many people that that get out of college with student loan debts and the majority of them aren't aware of the alternatives that they have before them today. You can have help being guided out of your financial struggles in the most effective way possible for you situation under the guidance from these organizations.

News About University Student Debt:

One option you have with student loan debt help is working with non-profit certified credit counselors. They can help erase the sense of vulnerability that accompanies having student loan debt. They specialize in services like education, loan repayment options, and even offer help for borrowers who've defaulted on their loans. Click this url;

Student loan debt help is readily available via the internet. You just need to find websites of organizations that offer counseling services and fill out their secure forms and them hit the submit button. The organization will then work out a fixed interest rate for you in order for you to keep your payments locked down at an amount that's easy for you to make payments on.

The internet is a wonderful resource when it is a question of student loan debt help. Often times all you've got to do is fill out a couple of secure forms on the web site of an organization offering counseling services and submit it. The organization then gets to work for you figuring out a fixed interest just for you... will keep your payments locked down at an affordable rate.

It's good to hear that financial cells and institutions work with colleges and universities to help students with their student loan debts. Student loan debt help is their specialty and they can get you well informed about your options for managing your debts. There many options out there for student loan debt help, you just need to get busy and find the possibility of help that's best for you and your situation.

It's important to note that many educational institutions also have financial cells that are meant for helping students deal with their student loan debts. Don't be afraid to use such financial aid cells as they can be a big help, keeping you well informed about the various options that you may wish to consider in order to manage your debt in a more effective manner.

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27 Sep 2014 

If you want to begin a business, there is a simple and cheap process you can use to do it: create a squeeze page, give away a free report, and build your list. Then all you've got to do is market your new business. Although this is the fundamental formula of affiliate marketing, this set up can also serve to build any business whether you sell others' products or your own.

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